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'Last miles to Golden Bay'
4Green Foundation 'A greener planet every day'

Introductie A greener planet every day Since 2017, S/Y New Nexus has been sailing self-sufficient around the world. On board we make optimal use of the wind, water and sun. To do so, the ship has undergone a major renovation. The ship is equipped with solar panels, a wind generator and lithium batteries. An electric engine is built in, which also generates energy while sailing. Explore the boat

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First Mate
First Mate | Bibi Brongers Thanks to my study Mechanical Engineering, I was able to make the sailing ship completely self-sufficient. It was my graduation project and a whole challenge, which lasted a total of 4 years. For me, it's important to make the world a bit greener every day with the 4Green Foundation. Sailing the world has been a great dream from an early age. With my study Coastal Zone Management and my interest in the underwater world I joined the team of the 4Green Foundation. I help with the education lessons and work on social media. This way, I want to fight against plastic waste in the oceans.

Introductie The route During the trip, our route can be followed via this map. In addition, we post a video about our adventures every month. Curious? Click here: Worldmap


Plastic afval Read more Plastic waste During the trip we encounter many beaches filled with plastic waste. On board we have two recycling machines. With these machines we recycle plastic without using fossil fuels. The result is a colorful flower pot. You can order your own flower pot on our new webshop!

Scholen Education on schools More about schools All over the world we visit local primary schools. Together with the children, we collect plastic waste to recycle it thereafter. We also talk with the children in the classroom about the plastic waste problem and about self-sufficient living.

It is also possible to come into contact with a Dutch school. This way children can learn from each other worldwide.


Tahiti In June we visited a primary school on Tahiti to teach 150 children about the effects of plastic. Together with the children, we recycled the plastic they brought with our two machines. From September 2019, the children will be in contact with schools in the Netherlands. An impressive morning at a primary school on Tahiti. > > Tonga It was an intensive day on Tonga. We visited three different primary schools on one day. All children have collected plastic trash around their schoolyard to recycle it together with us into colorful flower pots. We were impressed by the beautiful school uniforms the kids were wearing. Together with 250 children, spread over three schools, we recycled plastic. > > Read more about this project Bonaire Every year we organize a large project somewhere in the world together with Groningen Schoon Dankzij Mij. In 2018 this event took place on Bonaire. Together with artist Maria Koijck, local parties and various primary schools we built a three meter high flamingo. Made of the plastic waste that we have collected on the beaches of Bonaire. In collaboration with various parties, we made Sushi the Flamingo > > Palmerston In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, isolated from the rest of the world, lies Palmerston. Twice a year, a supply ship comes by with food and necessities. However, plastic is washed ashore daily. Every month, the community do a clean-up. We recycled this collected plastic with Lucky School Palmerston. Even in the most remote places on this earth plastic waste washes ashore. > > Read more about this project Projects

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