Find out what we do with plastic waste

During the journey we come in many places where plastic is on the beaches. Together with local children, we collect and recycle the plastic waste. We also talk to the children in the classroom about plastic and about self-sufficient life. The local primary schools come into contact with different schools in the Netherlands, so that children can learn from each other worldwide. Find out what we do with plastic waste here… Read more about how we recylen plastic?

Together with 250 children spread over 3 schools, we recycled plastic.

An intensive day was on Tonga. We were allowed to visit 3 different primary schools on 1 day. All children have collected plastic, found near their schoolyard, and recycled together with us into colorful flower pots. What struck us was the beautiful school uniforms the kids were wearing.

Even in the most remote places on this earth, plastic flushes.

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, isolated from the rest of the world, lies Palmerston. Twice a year, a supply ship comes by with food and stuff. However, plastic is flushed daily. Every month, residents keep a clean-up. This week we and Lucky School Palmerston recycled the collected plastic.

An impressive morning at an elementary school

In June we taught about the effects of plastic to 150 children at an elementary school in Tahiti. Together with the children, we recycled the plastic brought by them with our two machines. From September 2019, the children will be in contact with schools in the Netherlands.

In collaboration with various parties, we made Sushi de Flamingo

Every year we organize together with Groningen Schoon Dankzij Mij a large project somewhere in the world. In 2018 this was on Bonaire. Together with artist Maria Koijck, local parties and various primary schools we built a 3 meter high flamingo. This is made of plastic waste that we have collected on bonaire beach.

High school students from technasium education help us with technical issues. As a client, we have three different assignments in which we let students think along about innovative products on board our self-sufficient ship. Check out the assignments below.

Primary schools in Groningen can sign up for special New Nexus environmental education classes, which are provided by Groningen Schoon Dankzij Mij (GSDM). Children learn in an interactive way why plastic does not belong in nature and, together with the environmental stewards, clean up their schoolyard or residential area.