The team The 4Green Foundation is running by a great team of volunteers. Three years ago we started with three board members. In the meantime, the foundation has grown considerably and several people are involved daily in national and international activities. Together we make the world a little greener every day. Peter Tammeling President Project assistent Marro Mijnans Jan Schut Secretary Joshua Maldonado Filmmaker Wessel Goinga Treasurer Thijs de Jonge ICT Niels Tammeling Captain Paul Slootweg Accountant Bibi Brongers First mate Gert Bron Producer Representative Tjerk Zweers Ingrid Dekker Representative

Ambassadors Jacqueline Cramer Jacqueline Cramer Florian Dirkse Arjan van Eijk Iris Schut As Environment Minister, I was first confronted in 2008 with reports about the plastic soup in the oceans. I was shocked to hear how serious the pollution from plastic waste was. That is why I immediately sounded the alarm at my colleagues - the Ministers for the Environment of other European countries - and called for joint action. After my ministry, I continued the fight against plastic soup as chairman of the Plastic Soup Foundation. This non-profit organization focuses first and foremost on the occurrence of plastic in the oceans and also on cleaning up plastic before it falls into small particles in the oceans. That is why I wholeheartedly support the Trintella4Green initiative. This is a support for everyone who cares about the pollution of our oceans by plastic waste.

Jacqueline Cramer

Chairman of the Plastic Soup Foundation and former Minister of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment
Ambassadors Arjan van Eijk Jacqueline Cramer Florian Dirkse Arjan van Eijk Iris Schut Between 2008 and 2010 I sailed around the world with Florian. With a foundation and a documentary attached to it. I can honestly say that it has brought me some of the best things in my life. Niels and Tjerk came to my house not long ago, and the infectious enthusiasm and energy I felt with them immediately brought me back to the year before Florian and I left. Work like hell, so you can play like hell.

So many people have this dream, and so few make it come true. Guests, you're going to have such a beautiful, intense and intense time! Try to be as aware as possible of everything around you and each other. The world from the water is bizarrely beautiful, and thanks to you we can preserve that world a little bit. Enjoy !!

Arjen van Eijk
Ambassadors Florian Dirkse Jacqueline Cramer Florian Dirkse Arjan van Eijk Iris Schut Super nice that we have been able to inspire you guests! Next year you just go yourself! It seems far away but you are going to need your time, although you are well ahead of our schedule at the time, so that is a good sign. That feeling to make your dream come true is the most beautiful feeling in the world! You walk 10 times faster, many beautiful moments together and just go. Keep this same spirit also during the journey, with yourself but also with each other.

It will not always be that easy but also try to realize at those moments what you are actually not all doing and the smile will quickly return to your face.

Florian Dirkse
Ambassadors Iris Schut Jacqueline Cramer Florian Dirkse Arjan van Eijk Iris Schut I have known Tjerk and Niels since high school. When a mutual friend pointed out their dream to me, I was immediately enthusiastic. I am therefore very honored to be an ambassador for this foundation. The bottom line is that Tjerk and Niels are 2 good guests who want to give something back to the world, and I want to help them with that.

Iris Schut