From waste
to flowerpot
During our journey we encounter a lot of plastic waste. This is spread over beaches, on the street or in the sea. We recycle part of this plastic with machines that we carry on board. We do this together with the local community. Everywhere we go there is plastic waste

Together We all use plastic, whether you like it or not. The stories you hear about plastic are sometimes positive, but often negative. The plastic that keeps us busy is the plastic that roams in nature.

Because we are at many beaches during the trip, we want to clean up in these places. Not by ourselves, but together with children, local people and others that are happy to help. Together we collect the plastic, shred it and recycle it into flower pots. Everyone who helps gets a place on our interactive map. Together we form a community that makes the world a little greener every day.
Together we make the world a little greener every day

The shredder The first adventure is getting 'De HULK' on location. The Hulk is a large green shredder of +/- 30 kg made from stainless steel. But once it is placed on the beach between the plastic, you can not avoid the machine. The Hulk attracts a lot of attention and children enjoy throwing plastic waste into the machine on the spot. After turning the large steering wheel a few times we get small pieces of plastic.

We call these pieces of plastic pallets, pallets made from plastic waste. We use these pallets as raw material for our flower pots. We always first sort the plastics by color so that we can make different flower pots.
We often shred on location or in the classroom.

Solar oven During the development of our press we came up with the idea of ​​having it heated directly by the sun. Thanks to the SunStofey oven, we were able to develop our own press that works entirely on solar energy. Everywhere and anywhere in the world. The oven gets hotter than 200 degrees, warm enough to melt the plastic perfectly. So we do not use fossil fuels during the process. Electricity is often used for recycling. This can be very expensive and is generated with fossil fuels. This is polluting and costs local people money. The challenge for us is to recycle without electricity. Curious how?

Melting with the sun

Facts about the flowerpot A flowerpot consists of
0.5 kg of plastic.

The process does not consume fossil fuels.

It takes +/- 30 minutes to shred plastic for one flower pot.

A filled press needs 3 hours in the solar oven.

Different types of plastic are used for the flower pots.
Discover some facts about our unique flower pots

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