Primary schools here Together with the municipality of Groningen (Groningen Schoon Dankzij Mij) we have set up a project to involve children in a major global problem: Plastic litter.

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Environmental Stewards The Environmental Stewards give free introduction and environmental education lessons at primary schools. They show the consequences of throwing away packaging and other waste, in the water and on land.

After a New Nexus environmental education lesson, the amount of waste is measured for a week. The students are then given a reusable drinking cup and a lunch box, after which they measure their waste again.
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Adopt your environment Do you live in the province of Groningen and does your school, association or agency want to fight litter? Very well! You can keep your environment litter-free for a longer period of time (at least one year).

Materials such as grabs, waste rings, waste caddies, waste bags and / or landing nets are made available. Depending on the extent of the environmental adoption, a school / association is appropriately rewarded. One of the options is the theater show of Nico with his bin.
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Join us! Complete the contact form to register or to ask a question. Also state the name of the school and the number of students you want to register. Get in contact Contact form Have a look at the map Schools that participate in the environmental education lessons are given a place on our world map. This way you can see which schools in your area are already participating. Do you also want to join?
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