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The sailing ship New Nexus is currently sailing self-sufficient around the world. That means that we generate our own energy. The generated energy is stored in lithium batteries, which are placed in the old diesel tanks. We also have an electric engine on board, which acts as a dynamo while sailing. However, the sailing ship can be made even more sustainable. Are you the green engineer who comes to help us? Subject 1

On board we recycle plastic waste collected with local children. We recycle the plastic with a shredder and a solar oven. These machines do not use electricity. With the energy of the sun, we melt the plastic into flower pots. Do you have an idea what else we can make from plastic waste? Subject 2

in technology?
Contact form On this page you can find various assignments that you can do with your school. The sailing ship, the New Nexus, is currently sailing around the world and could use some help. This way the ship can be made even more sustainable and our recycling machines can be made even better.

Does sustainable energy or plastic waste seems like an interesting topic to you? Read our assignments below and who knows you might be the new inventor the world needs.

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Contribute to sustainable energy or to combating plastic waste.

Waste compression machine We recycle the plastic waste that we get from beaches and from the sea. First of all, we grind the plastic with our shredder into small pieces. At this moment we have a solar oven by which we melt the small pieces of plastic into flowerpots.

We are curious whether we can process the plastic into new products in a different way. Can you think of another machine that does not require much power?
Assignment 1 During the trip it is important that we have enough power on board. Currently we generate power by the solar panels, the windmill and the electric motor. But imagine that we are struck by lightning or the technology breaks down. Then we would like to be able to generate electricity by hand. But we do not know how!

Can you come up with a design to provide us with power in times of emergency? Take the challenge now and sign up as a group.
Assignment 2 Generating energy by hand We are currently making flower pots from the plastic found on beaches. These flower pots are made in a special solar oven, which is heated by the sun. The plastic is put in a press, designed to make the flower pot, which is tightened during heating. But we are looking for more designs, so we can make another product of plastic.

If your class knows how to convince us of a new mold to melt plastic waste, we will take it with us on our journey. We challenge you!
Assignment 3 New plastic products

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