S/Y New Nexus Since 2017 sailing ship New Nexus has been sailing around the world. It is a journey with a mission: around the world with wind, water and sun. To do so, the ship has been completely converted. We want to show that things can be done differently and must be done differently!

The purchase In 2012, Niels and Tjerk bought a Trintella IV in Workum. The ship was in poor condition. It took 4 years to prepare her for a long trip around the world. Not only does the ship look good again from the outside, it has also undergone a major transformation on the inside. For example, an electric engine is installed in addition to the diesel engine. 17 solar panels have been installed and a windmill has been placed on top of the mast.

From diesel to ... Originally, the Trintella IV was fitted with a Perkins 4,236 with 72 hp. This engine has deliberately remained in the ship. If something happens to the electricity on board, think of a thunderstorm in which the batteries can fail, we always have a spare engine on board.

... an electric engine During his graduation project, Niels investigated which electric engine would be installed in the ship. It became a BellMarine 10 kW Permanent Magnet engine with a peak power of 15 kW. The electric engine is built next to the diesel engine, as a hybrid setup. This engine drives the current shaft through a double flange and two V-belts. While sailing it is used as a dynamo to generate energy.

Self-sufficient living Energy on board To sail self-sufficient around the world, we have equipped the ship with solar panels, a wind generator and lithium batteries. Also we have built in an electric engine that can generate energy while sailing. In addition, gas on board is a thing of the past. We cook on an induction cooker and an electric oven is built in.

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Introductie Major maintenance in New Zealand In 2019 we arrived in New Zealand, halfway our circumnavigation. After a number of years of sailing, it was time for some major maintenance jobs. We spent several weeks at the boatyard, where we did a complete repair of the mast base.
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