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Episode 8 | Lockdown in NZ

After we arrived in New Zealand, it was time to explore this beautiful country. We made plans to haul out the ship and visit a school in Auckland to recycle plastic together. However, in New Zealand everything goes differently than expected. The corona virus spreads and the world is going into lockdown.
  • Episode 8 | Lockdown in NZ

    After we arrive in New Zealand we discover the country. We have a lot of plans. The boat needs to get out of the water for major maintenance and we have an appointment with a school in Auckland to recycle waste together. But things are different than expected. The Corona virus is spreading and the world is closing.
  • Episode 1 | Update 1

    Tjerk and Niels left the Netherlands in 2017 to sail around the world on their sailing yacht New Nexus. Their four-year adventure comes with two rules: clean up and recycle plastic waste together with local children, and they can only use energy that comes from the sun, wind and water.
  • Episode 2 | Refit of sailing yacht New Nexus

    Watch this episode to see how skippers Niels & Tjerk refit sailing yacht New Nexus. Whilst she was using gas and diesel in the past, she now is driven by wind and solarenergy.
  • Episode 3 | Sailing in Panama

    Tjerk and Niels make a stopover in Panama with their self-sufficient sailboat New Nexus. Together with friends, they discover the beautiful surroundings, organize a plastic clean-up together with the Kuna Indians and prepare for their tour of the Panama Canal.
  • Episode 4 | 50 days at sea

    Our longest crossing ever. 50 days we’ve been talking about it from Panama to the Markiezen. It was a special adventure.
  • Episode 7 | New Zealand – 50 knots at sea

    During our exciting crossing from Tonga to New Zealand we experience gusts of 50 knots and wind silence. After 16 days at sea we arrive safely in New Zealand.